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Posted on September 25th, 2020 by Fairtrade Yorkshire News

Sad news – Remembering Kay Holmes

We were sad to hear of the passing of Kay Holmes, a stalwart campaigner for Fairtrade in Halifax.

This tribute from her MP Holly Lynch says it all.

Read Holly’s tribute

Condolences to Kay’s family and friends

Posted on August 6th, 2020 by Fairtrade Yorkshire News

Latest news from Baildon Fairtrade group


Good News from the home front:

1   Just a year ago, Bradford Council unanimously renewed its commitment to Fairtrade Community Status.  This means it will actively promote Fairtrade, including the use of Fairtrade teaching materials in local schools and colleges.  In a conference call, members of Bradford Fairtrade Zone met with Ian Westlake, Head of Procurement, who is committed to implementing the Council’s resolution to purchase Fairtrade products wherever possible, and to the inclusion of Fairtrade considerations in any contracts going out to tender.

2  Local churches, Baildon Methodist Church and the Parish of Baildon, have both recommitted to Fairtrade Church Status. The Fairtrade Foundation:  Once again, congratulations on becoming a Fairtrade Church and thank you for supporting positive change for people and planet. In order to achieve this status, the churches have confirmed that the tea, coffee and sugar used are all Fairtrade, that other items are Fairtrade wherever possible, and information about Fairtrade is shared in as many ways as possible.  Both churches support Fairtrade through regular Traidcraft stalls and members of both churches are active members of the Baildon Fairtrade Group.

3 Home deliveries: Many of us are discovering the range of companies doing home deliveries of groceries and other items. Have you tried a home delivery from Traidcraft?  They offer a wide range of groceries – not just chocolate – which includes Zaytoun products.  Have a look at their web-site.  We have been delighted with the 2 deliveries we have had.

Matters of concern:

1 News of concern from Zaytoun about the Israeli annexation of the Jordan Valley:

The latest newsletter from Zaytoun states that ‘as the world’s attention is diverted during the COVID pandemic, under the new ‘Unity Deal’ Israel has been escalating plans for land confiscation and annexation in the Jordan Valley area of Palestine’s West Bank. This planned land theft has been condemned internationally.  In the UK, nearly 140 MP’s signed an unprecedented cross-party letter calling on the Prime Minister to place sanctions on Israel if these plans are carried out.’

Many producers of olive oil for Zaytoun will be affected by this action.  We can continue to support them by purchasing olive oil and other Zaytoun products.

2 COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic crisis is a global humanitarian challenge. Fairtrade continues to work to advocate and support small-scale farmers and workers in developing countries. The farmers and workers Fairtrade serves are some of the most vulnerable and the least prepared for a pandemic.

In Kenya, tens of thousands of workers on Fairtrade certified flower farms have lost their jobs, with no local work alternatives and there is concern about the long-term financial stability of flower farms if shipments do not resume soon.

The drop in retail sector sales has resulted in a sharp decline in demand and price for cotton.  And some fashion companies in the West are refusing to honour their contracts to buy clothing already made, for example, in Bangladesh.

You can read more in the attachment to this report.


After a decade of buying Fairtrade cocoa and sugar, Nestle have announced that KitKat will no longer be Fairtrade.  This means 27,000 farmers from co-operatives in Cote D’Ivoire, Fiji and Malawi will lose nearly £2m in Fairtrade premium each year – despite Nestle reporting global profits of more than £10bn last year.

We need to make sure that the voices of farmers losing these benefits are heard loud and clear.   Please join over 240,000 others and sign the Fairtrade Yorkshire petition – and share it widely!

To read more, please see attachment to this report.




Posted on July 3rd, 2020 by Fairtrade Yorkshire News

Don’t Give Up on Fairtrade in Lent

Don’t Give Up On Fairtrade this Lent
Lent is a time when many of us choose to make a small sacrifice for a few weeks. For lots of us this includes giving up chocolate, which has the added benefit of making our Easter celebrations that bit sweeter, but have you considered the impact of your choice on the millions of cocoa and sugar farmers who rely on our chocolate consumption for a living.
Fairtrade Fortnight starts on the Monday before Ash Wednesday and we’re asking you not to give up on the Fairtrade farmers this Lent. By pledging to make sure all the chocolate you eat this Lent is Fairtrade – and talking to others about your choice – you can help support farmers around the world to have a better life.

When we ask Fairtrade farmers what they want us as campaigners to do, the answer is nearly always “Buy our goods!”
So while giving up chocolate for Lent might feel like the right thing to do, it leaves cocoa (and sugar) farmers out of pocket.
So this year we’re saying “Don’t Give Up On Fairtrade this Lent”
By making sure you only eat Fairtrade chocolate in Lent – instead of giving up altogether – you can help farmers around the world.
Because the Easter message is partly that one person can save the world and Fairtrade is a way for you to be that one person.

So instead of refusing all chocolate by saying “Sorry, I’ve given up chocolate for Lent” now you can say “I’ve pledged only to eat Fairtrade chocolate during Lent” and start a conversation with someone who may not know how important Fairtrade is to farmers.

You can download our leaflet below and this Fairtrade Fortnight look out for stories from the cocoa farmers themselves to help you explain why you’re not giving up on Fairtrade this Lent. Some of these will be “storybombed” by Fairtrade campaigners and supporters, some will be in the national and local press and some will be available on the Fairtrade Foundation website and social media.

Dont Give Up on Fairtrade – download the leaflet

Posted on January 14th, 2020 by Fairtrade Yorkshire News

Bradford Cathedral celebrates 10 years of Fairtrade support

Bradford Cathedral has become the first cathedral to re-commit as a Fairtrade place of worship,

Bradford Cathedral’s commitment to Fairtrade began with an award back in 2009, spearheaded by
Canon Andy Williams and his wife Jennie.
The cathedral continues to focus on Fairtrade by ensuring all its tea and coffee provisions are
Fairtrade as well as running a stall every Sunday after the morning Eucharist selling a whole range
of goods including chocolate, cooking oils and biscuits, as well as seasonable items like advent

Click the link below for more details

Bradford cathedral Renewal publicity with latest photo

Posted on January 9th, 2020 by Fairtrade Yorkshire News

Beeston Community Eid celebrations

It was fantastic to see Fairtrade Yorkshire represented at the Beeston Community Eid celebration on Saturday.

Posted on June 10th, 2019 by Fairtrade Yorkshire News

Leeds Fairtrade Fortnight events

Leeds was bursting with Fairtrade events during Fairtrade Fortnight 2019. The group connected with local schools, businesses and churches as well as the university.

1 March     Schools’ Fairtrade Celebration held at Leeds Civic Hall.  Approximately 60 children attended from 15 schools. Fabian Hamilton M.P. opened the event and the Lord Mayor closed it.

2 March  Coffee Morning at the Methodist Church Hall in Chapel Allerton. As well as cakes and coffee there was a Traidcraft stall, a Zaytoun stall, and Fair Grounds – a fairly traded jewellery company.

5 March   Fairtrade stall at Leeds University Fairtrade Fair.

7 March    Fairtrade stall at Lyons Davidson Solicitors. We were invited to have a stall in the foyer of the company.

9 March   Fairtrade stall at Cardigan Road Co-op.  In conjuction with the manager of the shop, we gave free tastings of Co-op wine and chocolate, with a display of every other Fairtrade product in the store.

Posted on April 15th, 2019 by Fairtrade Yorkshire News

Fairtrade Fortnight in Bradford Zone


Baildon Co-op, Northgate, hosted a Fairtrade stall to display Fairtrade items on sale in the store.  Customers were encouraged to try a different Fairtrade tea selected from Assam, Indian Prince and English Breakfast; all stocked by the Co-op.  The manager, Mark Millman, has also made up a hamper of Fairtrade goods as the prize for a quiz open to all, the winner being announced at the end of the Fortnight. 

Six pupils from Baildon Church of England Primary School assisted on the stall during the afternoon, enthusiastically engaging people in conversations about Fairtrade and justice.  They were also taken on a tour of the store to see what Fairtrade products were available and asked questions about why certain items were not Fairtrade certified. Their teacher, Mrs F Wilkinson, said that the children had enjoyed a stimulating afternoon.  The school is working towards Fairtrade status and hosted a Fairtrade Coffee Morning on Friday 10th March for parents/carers of children in Year 5.  The children had baked Fairtrade goodies, and were very keen to explain Fairtrade to the adults who attended.

Bradford Cathedral

On Sunday March 5th, approximately 40 adults and children enjoyed a Fairtrade Breakfast at Bradford Cathedral, during Fairtrade Fortnight. their children to school. We enjoyed a breakfast that included Fairtrade muesli, jam, marmalade, chocolate spread, homemade muffins, tea, coffee, hot chocolate and orange juice. At the same time, we gave our support to local businesses by enjoying locally produced bread, butter, honey and milk. In the service that followed the Breakfast, the children led the prayers, ‘that those who teach about justice and trading in our schools may look for new ways to share their interest in breaking the cycle of poverty so that children will know about the need for fairness in trade’.


Ilkley Fairtrade Group members and Ilkley Oxfam Manager with the Sanctuary’s window

Over the last few weeks, the Sanctuary team in Ilkley, including artist Barbara Macnish, have been pouring hours into preparing what we think may even be the world’s first piece of art painted on tea-bags! It was all done for love; we wanted to help thousands of people think about the people who really bring them their tea, and to consider choosing Fairtrade as a result.


Posted on March 29th, 2017 by Fairtrade Yorkshire News

Churches make a difference to Fairtrade in Hull

The Fairtrade Churches Project – Making a difference to Fair Trade in Hull.

Check out our website.

Hull City Council, and the Hull One World Shop, together with support from all areas of the city made Kingston-upon-Hull into a FAIRTRADE City in March 2005.

Hull Fairtrade supporters

Hull Fairtrade supporters

The Fairtrade supporters in the churches are now working together to ensure that Fairtrade stays high in the priorities of all churches in the area.

Fairly Traded products are high quality, – because the farmers choose the best of the best for Fair Trade.

Fairtrade consumable products are readily available – see our directory of retail outlets on our website.

Fair Trade is growing – join us and make the world a better place for everyone, but especially for those who need it most.

Posted on January 7th, 2017 by Fairtrade Yorkshire News

Super Diocese votes for Fairtrade

The Church of England super Diocese of West Yorkshire and the Dales has voted to work to become a Fairtrade Diocese.

A vote was taken at the Diocesan Synod on March 12th.Diocese

Synod members enthusiastically supported a motion to work towards becoming a Fairtrade Diocese by writing to all churches asking them, where not already registered, to register as a Fairtrade Church.  A letter will also be sent to all Church of England schools asking them, if not already registered, to register as a Fairtrade school – and a Fairtrade steering group will be set up to steer the registration of the Diocese as a Fairtrade Diocese.

The motion was put by Ven Bev Mason, Archdeacon of Richmond and Craven, pictured left with Kay Brown, Chaplain of Abbey Grange School who talked about the way schools can imaginatively adopt Fairtrade status.

The vote follows a campaign by Fairtrade supporters including: Barbara Judd, Heather Grinton and Rev Tina Walker who have worked hard to raise the profile of Fairtrade across the Diocese. Rev Tina said that she was ‘absolutely delighted and thrilled’ by the result of the Synod vote.

Posted on March 22nd, 2016 by Fairtrade Yorkshire News