Fairtrade Fortnight 2017 : Schools Conferences in Yorkshire

Booking is now open for Schools conferences taking place in Fairtrade Fortnight 2017 in Huddersfield, Halifax and Leeds.

fairandfunky will be running two conferences for primary schools: in Huddersfield on March 3rd and Halifax on March 10th, as well as one for secondary schools in Huddersfield on March 2nd. All event start at 9:15am. For more details please see the fairandfunky website.

Leeds DEC will be running an equivalent event at Leeds Civic Hall on Thursday March 9th from 1pm until 3:30pm.

All will feature workshops, presentations and giveaways. See the posters below for more information.


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Gold: always believe in your soul

Bradford and bling came together with a presentation on Fairtrade gold at Bradford Cathedral on 12th September.

Dan Omondi Odida, a gold miner from Kenya, came to speak to a crowd of seventy Fairtrade supporters, including attendees from the University of Bradford.

Karen Palframan (Fairtrade Yorkshire and Fairtrade Bradford Zone) and Dan Omondi Odida Photo credit: John Sargent  jackharrybill.co.uk

Karen Palframan (Fairtrade Yorkshire and Fairtrade Bradford Zone) and Dan Omondi Odida Photo credit: John Sargent jackharrybill.co.uk

The Dean welcomed everyone to the Cathedral and ethical jewellers Rory McQuaid (the Ethical Jeweller, Otley) and Caroline Kindy (Element Jewellery, Hebden Bridge) supported Dan in the presentation, alongside Adam Gardner from the national Fairtrade Foundation and Mark Dawson and Karen Palframan of Fairtrade Yorkshire.

Dan spoke of the need for Fairtrade gold in order to address injustice in the gold trade.  This includes the lack of a fair price, child labour, ill health as a result of processing the gold, and environmental  damage caused by gold mining.

Fairtrade gold guarantees a fair price and a Fairtrade premium in addition (which can be spent by gold mining cooperatives to improve life in their communities).  The Fairtrade gold scheme includes safety and environmental standards.

Photo credit: John Sargent

Photo credit: John Sargent

You can check out Fairtrade gold jewellery for sale on these websites:

The Ethical Jeweller

Element Jewellery

Fairtrade gold rings will also be available from Argos.


Find out more about Fairtrade gold at the new ‘discover gold’ site: http://www.fairtrade.org.uk/discovergold

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Holme Valley Fairtrade are winners

We are absolutely delighted to announce that Holme Valley Fairtrade is the WINNER of THE BIG FAIRTRADE BREAKFAST CHAMPION CATEGORY in The annual Fairtrade Foundation campaigner awards.holmfirth  The group was crowned as victor because of their involvement in the launch of the Fairtrade All Party Parliamentary Group held at Westminster during Fairtrade Fortnight.  The APPG was set up by Holly Lynch MP (Halifax) and Jason McCartney MP (Colne Valley).  The panel were particularly impressed with the way the APPG opportunity brought Fairtrade to a wide audience, engaging everyone along the way with a fun and thoughtful approach.

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Baildon scarecrows stand up for Fairtrade

“Pat-a-cake, pat-a-cake, Fairtrade man
Bake me a cake as fair as you can”

‘Nursery rhymes’ was the theme for this year’s Baildon Scarecrow Walk with 70 scarecrows to be found around the town centre.  Baildon Fairtrade group designed and built one along with a huge ‘cake’ decorated with Divine chocolate wrappers.

The annual Scarecrow walk is organised by Baildon in Bloom. This years took place on a warm sunny September Saturday, with hundreds of people finding scarecrows in various locations around the town.

Families and children patted the enormous cake baked by the Fairtrade man and more than 330 children went away with Fairtrade stickers while adults joined them in trying delicious Fairtrade chocolate cake buns.  Interested young people and other supporters were offered information about how Fairtrade supports sustainable farming practices.  Many people say that they already buy Fairtrade products and yet the point still needs to be made that without this organisation these producers would not have a livelihood. “With farmers and workers, we can all share.”

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Haworth and Keighley are the victors

Fairtrade Haworth and Fairtrade Keighley are the victors in the Fairtrade Foundation’s national campaigner awards.  Their ‘Fair Train’ event held on the Keighley and Worth Valley Railway scooped the prize for the most creative breakfast held during Fairtrade Fortnight.  Many congratulations to Rita Verity and all the organisers and helpers.FairTrain_Banana - Copy

For the event, the Keighley and Worth Valley Railway (the first Fairtrade steam railway in the world) served breakfast on the 11am steam train for the 10 mile round trip on Saturday 5th March.

Starting in Oxenhope, where Morris dancers welcomed the Lord Mayor of Bradford, Fairtrade supporters boarded the train along with musicians who entertained the passengers. Ryan the banana joined the train in Haworth and, on arrival in Keighley, the Keighley Fairtrade group handed out roses.

Most passengers were unaware that there would be a free breakfast and there was great feedback about the delicious products from many who knew little about Fairtrade.

Fairtrade Haworth and Fairtrade Keighley are very grateful to the companies who donated Fairtrade goods, including: Co-op, Divine Chocolate, Liberation Nuts, M&S, Sainsbury’s and Tropical Wholefoods.

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New Fair Trade book available

An exciting new book has been published by York Fair Trade Forum.  Edited by experienced educationalists, it is suitable for use in the classroom or by youth groups.

Every school, youth group or Fair Trade group should have a copy (or several).Fair's Fair

We all depend on people and countries from far and near for the things we use and eat every day.

What we buy affects the lives of the people who grow, produce and make what we buy.

So, many of us buy Fairly Traded, or ‘Fairtrade’ goods, which give those who produce them a fair price and better working conditions.

There is a long history, in many different countries of people who have helped to improve the lives of producers by selling only goods which had been freely produced.

Read about just 10 of these courageous and visionary ‘champions’ in this book.

Buy 1-10 copies    £4 each plus postage

Buy 11-20 copies   £3.75 each plus postage

Buy 21 -24 copies    £3.50 each plus postage

Buy over 25 copies    £3.50 free postage

Orders from:

helen at fairtradeyork.com

By post: Book sales

c/o Fairer World, 84 Gillygate York YO317EQ

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Britain: Coming together?

Thoughts on post referendum Britain from Mark Dawson, Coordinator of Fairtrade Yorkshire and Mike Gidney, CEO of the Fairtrade Foundation.

Mark Dawson, Coordinator of Fairtrade Yorkshire:

Now that Britain has voted to leave the European Union we are being asked to rally together as a nation.  For those of us who support Fair Trade this means we must come together on an agenda of fairness and justice.

Ironically, at this time when we are being asked to affirm ‘British values’, the country is more divided than at any time in living memory.

There are dangers with coming together on agendas which do not promote justice.  Certainly some of the visions of Britain outlined in the national newspapers have little to do with justice.  Their vision of Britain is bordering on the pathetic, seeing our country only as a fearful, inward looking, hysterical place.

One agenda that we can all come together on is to back employment rights.  Those rights which were ensured by the European Union, can be agreed upon and advanced by all our political leaders.

Employment rights, such as the minimum wage, maternity rights, sick pay, holiday pay, rights for those on temporary contracts and the right to have access to an industrial tribunal, should be placed at the heart of the agenda for Britain; with the Westminster Parliament guaranteeing these hard fought benefits.

A Britain which cares for its own workers, which improves the conditions in which they work, is one from which we can seek to improve the working and living conditions of all people who produce the goods that we enjoy, wherever in the world they may be.

Mike Gidney, CEO of the Fairtrade Foundation:

The result of the European Union referendum won’t just affect the UK.

It will have a huge impact on the lives of the farmers and workers in developing countries who grow our food, too.

How that plays out – positive or negative – is in part down to all of us.

Put simply, as the UK begins to reshape its relationship with the EU, it will need to renegotiate how it trades with other countries, both in Europe and the rest of the world.

That could put farmers and workers in a vulnerable position.

Too often in the past, trade has been structured and regulated in a way that has given too much to those with power and wealth and too little to those who are powerless and poor.

Your support is needed now more than ever.

Fairtrade has shown that trade and business can be incredible forces for good, if the benefits are shared fairly. That way, everyone involved has the chance to earn a decent living, and protect their health, rights and the environment.

Over the coming months, and even years, we will need to work hard to ensure our politicians keep in mind the interests of poor farmers and workers as much as our own.

Together we will need to support them to get a fairer deal, so that they can send their children to school and invest in their futures, build strong communities and withstand the ravages of climate change.

I know that all of us who believe in a fair and just world can come together and fight harder than ever for exactly that.

As always, thank you for your support.

Michael Gidney

Chief Executive, Fairtrade Foundation

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Money for your honey

‘Money for your Honey‘ and ‘Mexican Hexigan’ were a few phrases coined in Leeds DEC’s new ‘Amazing Mexico’ workshop delivered at Calverley Parkside Primary School. The workshop enables children to learn more about Mexico and how Fairtrade can benefit disadvantaged bee keepers.IMG_5070

“Lots of great resources and activities…all the children were engaged” Year 1 teacher at Calverley Parkside

“Well planned and thought out” Year 2 teacher

“I don’t like my bee badge… I LOVE it!” Year 1 pupil

Contact Hannah@leedsdec.org.uk to book your own buzzing session!

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York campaigners experienced a day of park life at the annual West Bank Park festival in the city’s Holgate district on Sunday 26th June.IMG_2017 Fair Trade leaflets were given out to hundreds of passersby, including a map indicating where Fair Trade products could be enjoyed in York.  Fair Trade goods were for sale courtesy of the ‘All’s Fair’ shop from Selby.

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A tragic loss

Fairtrade Yorkshire mourns the loss of Jo Cox, the MP for Batley and Spen who was killed on Thursday.  Our prayers are with her family.

Batley and Spen was the first Fairtrade Zone to be based on a Parliamentary Constituency and Rev Tina Walker of Fairtrade Batley and Spen has worked closely with Jo Cox on the promotion of Fair Trade in the constituency.

Jo Cox and Rev Tina Walker

Jo Cox and Rev Tina Walker

Here Tina shares here thoughts about Jo:

“Jo Cox tackled difficult issues with passion and conviction.

Jo met people warmly, listened to them, and left them feeling she considered them her friend. She was warm, witty, intelligent, inspiring. She worked very hard for the people in her Constituency here in Batley & Spen, she was well-regarded in Westminster.

She wholeheartedly supported Fairtrade.

I have clear memories of Jo running the Fairtrade Hook-a-Fish Game with us at Batley Festival: totally relaxed and at-home talking with the young children. Also of Jo seeing the Fairtrade stall at Wilton Park, and rushing over to greet us, affirming the work we were doing, and offering to help us, wanting to be part of it.

In February, Jo wrote to every primary school in Batley & Spen, inviting them to the Fairtrade Schools Conference taking place in Fairtrade Fortnight. The Conference took place at the Al-Hikmah Centre in Batley, and Jo presented Fairtrade Certificates and Fairtrade footballs to the 12 schools that took part. Jo invited questions from the schoolchildren and answered them honestly and encouragingly. Jo told the children that she had worked abroad and seen people’s lives over there, and wanted to change lives for the better.Jo roses

Jo was vitally enthusiastic about social justice. She was passionate about equality.”

Jo Cox was committed to international development and upholding human rights.  Before becoming an MP she had been a dedicated worker for Oxfam, helping to see their vision of a world without poverty transformed into policy.  She was passionately concerned about the plight of the people of Syria and worked to ensure that they were not disregarded.

Jo Cox had a vision for a strong Britain.  A Britain which is compassionate and willing to lend a helping hand. Fairtrade is just one of the causes that Jo supported in order that the people of Britain can contribute to the work towards global justice.  Jo’s vision was that Britain should not retreat into introspection but should play its part in the world; working for justice wherever it is needed.  She worked tirelessly for justice in Batley, in Westminster, in her work for Oxfam and called for Britain to play its part in Europe and across the world, helping to make this a fairer world.  Jo will be sadly missed.

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