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Horsforth gallops to Fairtrade status

Horsforth has become Yorkshire’s newest Fairtrade Town.  The town on the north western edge of Leeds fulfilled all five goals in order to be awarded Fairtrade status.  The Fairtrade Town campaign, coordinated by Baptist Minister, Rev Matt Wright, engaged with all sections of the community, including community groups, workplaces, businesses and the local media.

Horsforth campaign group at the Farmers' Market

Horsforth campaign group at the Farmers’ Market

The Town Council was supportive and Councillor Janice Pritlove acted as the Council’s representative on the Fairtrade Steering Group that campaigned to achieve the status.  Churches Together in Horsforth also took up the baton to help the town to make this amazing achievement.  Many events were held in the run up to the status being awarded, including regular stalls at the Horsforth Farmers’ Market.  Matt Wright’s culinary skills were put to the test at a pancake making event and local MP Stuart Andrew came to the market to support the Fairtrade campaign.

Rev Matt Wright

Rev Matt Wright

Coordinator of Fairtrade Yorkshire, Mark Dawson, congratulated Matt and the group on their success.  “I know how much work has gone into this campaign and Matt and the team deserve to be thanked for everything they have done to make Horsforth a Fair Trade Town.  Horsfordians have reason to be thoroughly proud.”


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Students map Fairtrade in Leeds

A group of undergraduate students at the University of Leeds are mapping the involvement of religious groups in Fairtrade activity across Leeds.  As part of the University’s Community Religions Project, the six students are investigating the impact of different religious groups on Fairtrade promotion and campaigning.  They are looking at how support for Fairtrade relates to religious belief and to the nature of Leeds as a large and diverse city.Mapping fairtrade logo

The project is part of the Third Year course ‘the Religious Mapping of Leeds’ which is supervised by Dr. Melanie Prideaux and Mark Dawson.  Cynthia Dickinson has acted as the community contact.

On  April 28th the students gave a presentation at the University of Leeds Business School which was well attended.  Following the talk there was a lively discussion.  The student interest in Fairtrade action carried out by religious groups in Leeds was warmly welcomed by the stakeholders at the presentation.  The findings of the research are to be published in a report which will be available next month; this is eagerly awaited by the stakeholders.


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