Yorkshire is the UK’s first Fairtrade Region

The Fairtrade Yorkshire campaign was launched in 2011 to bring together Fairtrade activists and supporters across the region and get us officially recognised by the Fairtrade Foundation as the UK’s first Fairtrade Region.

There are 39 cities, towns and villages in Yorkshire with Fairtrade campaigns. Add to this the schools, Universities and faith groups, and it’s clear that Fairtrade is thriving in Yorkshire.

The campaign was a success, and on 18th January 2013, Yorkshire was declared a Fairtrade Region. Declaration events took place in Ilkley, Leeds and York. You can read more about the events and see photos and videos of the day in the news story about the event.

Across the UK, Fairtrade is flourishing, with sales of Fairtrade-certified products exceeding £1 billion for the first time in 2010. Fairtrade is touching the lives of millions in the developing world, making real improvements to the everyday lives of people in some of the world’s poorest communities.

From the chocolate works of York to the old textile mills of the West Riding and the famous anti-slavery campaigning of Yorkshireman William Wilberforce, Yorkshire has a long association with the struggle for workers’ rights and dignity. Being the first-ever Fairtrade Region gives us yet another reason to be proud to be Yorkshire.

Fairtrade Logos


When you see the FAIRTRADE mark on any product, you can be sure that the farmers who produced it are guaranteed a fair price for their crop which covers production costs. They also receive a premium that they can invest in projects to benefit their communities, such as education and health case. The farmers earn enough to look after their families properly and plan for the future. The Fairtrade mark can now be found on over 3000 products from more than 200 companies.

In the UK the Fairtrade Foundation is the main organising and licensing body. They are an independent non-profit organisation. For more information on Fairtrade visit the Fairtrade Foundation’s website.

The World Fair Trade Organisation (WFTO) is a global group of Fair Trade Organisations whose whole supply chain and organisational structure is measured against the Ten Principles of Fair Trade. While the Fairtrade mark is found mainly on food products, the majority of WFTO members deal with craftspeople and artisans so if you are looking for homewares, toys, clothing etc you can look for goods from WFTO Guaranteed members. Yorkshire is proud to be home to a WFTO member in Shared Earth.










BAFTS – Fair Trade Network UK is a network member of WFTO. Its members are shops and fair trade suppliers who adhere to the Ten Principles of Fair Trade. There are 15 BAFTS members in Yorkshire selling fair trade food and craft products from shops, market stalls and warehouses across the region.