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Politicians flock to York breakfast

City Councillors from all political parties were present at a Fairtrade breakfast at the Spurriergate Centre in York.  Local politicians met with Fairtrade supporters and representatives of Fairtrade businesses to celebrate Fairtrade Fortnight and York’s status as a Fairtrade City.  The event was organised by the York Fair Trade Forum.  The Spurriergate Centre is the ideal place for meals and refreshments on any visit to York and there’s also a dedicated Fair Trade shop.

Click on the link below to hear Joanna Pollard of York Fair Trade Forum talk about the breakfast:

Joanna Pollard on York TV

Councillors from all the political parties with Kathryn Tissiman of York Fairtrade City (in Fairtrade t’shirt)

Fairtrade York supporters Pam Hanley, John Whitworth and Clive Dawson at the Spurriergate Centre.

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Bradford celebrates Fairtrade Fortnight

Bradford marked Fairtrade Fortnight in a big way with events taking place across the city; including a Fairtrade breakfast at the Cathedral and tastings at the University and at the prestigious Broadway Shopping Centre.  At Broadway free Fairtrade tastings were provided by M&S.

Shoppers are delighted at Bradford Broadway

University of Bradford students dress for the occasion

Dean Jerry welcomes diners to the Bradford Cathedral breakfast

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News from Cherry

Ros Stanley of Fairtrade Cherry Burton gives a roundup of Fairtrade Fortnight in the East Riding village:

Great excitement this year as not only did we say ‘Come on In to Fairtrade’ but also celebrated our 15th Birthday as a Fairtrade Village!

Breakfast in Cherry Burton

Two fabulous Fairtrade Birthday cakes were ceremonially cut and shared at the Fairtrade breakfast after a delicious feast produced by farmers from Fairtrade co-operatives and from Yorkshire. The place was abuzz with over 80 happy breakfasters keeping the volunteers very busy.

A warm welcome down at the Bay Horse in Cherry

Media interest started before Christmas with plans for a February feature on Fairtrade in Cherry Burton. This was in a large format local glossy magazine, ‘The Journal’ which has a wide circulation. BBC local radio also got in touch to find out what Cherry Burton was up to. They broadcast several live interviews with event organisers during the Fortnight. A preview of ‘Come On In to Fairtrade in Cherry Burton’ was published in Beverley Life, the monthly local paper.

The village shop had a special Fairtrade display and increased its range of Fairtrade products. The ‘Bay Horse’ went all out for Fairtrade with Fairtrade displays, balloons, bunting, and a menu featuring Fairtrade desserts. They also held a Fairtrade coffee morning and raffle as a fund raiser for Fairtrade adding significantly to the collecting box that had been on the bar during the Fortnight. Customers at ‘I Love Kitchens’ were invited to ‘Come On In’ with Fairtrade tea, coffee and cookies.

Cherry Burton Primary School started the Fortnight with a whole school assembly on Where Our Food Comes From’ and Fairtrade. Children imagined they lived in Malawi and found out what a difference Fairtrade had made to sugar farmers and their families.

Pre-school had a week of activities including Fairtrade baking and a Fairtrade banana picnic.

Worship and sermons focussed on Fairtrade issues at St Michael’s church. This is a Fairtrade church which hosts the village Fair Trade stall on Sunday mornings after the morning service when everyone is relaxing and chatting over Fairtrade coffee and tea in the Centre. This year the Rector ran an additional evening taking ‘A Closer Look at Fairtrade’ in the Centre with Fairtrade tasters – coffee, tea, chocolate, nuts, banana chips, raisins and apricots.

Much of the village integrates Fairtrade year-round. It is this widespread engagement with and support of Fairtrade that has enabled Cherry Burton to continue to be a Fairtrade Village since 2003.

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Come on in to Westminster

MP’s were invited to ‘come on in’ to Fairtrade at a special event held at Westminster.

Karen meets with Nick Hewer and her own MP, John Grogan (Keighley)

Halifax MP, Holly Lynch is the Co-Chair of the All Party Parliamentary Group on Fairtrade.  Along with MPs from all the parties at Westminster, she met with Fair Trade producers and Fair Trade activists, including Karen Palframan from Fairtrade Bradford Zone and Fairtrade Yorkshire.  The Fairtrade producers were:

Mahyana Sari – Secretary, Arinigata Cooperatives, Indonesia (coffee producers); Marcial Quintero – Coobana, Panama (banana growers); John Joseph ­– Founder and Chairperson, WOFFA, India (coffee producer) and Ketra Kyosiimire – ACPCU (Ankole Coffee Producers Cooperative Union), Uganda.

The gathering was joined by business guru, Fairtrade Ambassador and former Apprentice star, Nick Hewer.  In total 88 MP’s and Peers attended the event; a larger number than expected, which led to the Fairtrade icecream running out.

Holly Lynch MP (centre) welcomes the Fairtrade producers to Westminster

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Come on in to Oxfam

Oxfam Shops across Yorkshire celebrated Fairtrade Fortnight with window displays and special promotions.  During the fortnight Fairtrade Yorkshire’s Karen Palframan visited her local Oxfam shop in the lovely town of Ilkley.

Karen Palframan (left) and the Chair of Fairtrade Ilkley outside their local Oxfam shop.

Coordinator of Fairtrade Yorkshire, Mark Dawson commented: “Oxfam has once again done us proud during Fairtrade Fortnight.  Oxfam has been there at the start of Fairtrade, without them we wouldn’t be where we are today.  The Fairtrade concept needs the dedicated pioneer organisations such as Oxfam, we know that we can rely on them because they share the same values.”

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Haworth bakes off

Fairtrade Village, Haworth held a bake off competition to celebrate Fairtrade Fortnight.

Rita of Fairtrade Haworth and Sandy Docherty

On the 3rd March the Little Haworth Bake Off took place and the event was honoured by the appearance of celebrity judge, Sandy Docherty.  Sandy was a contestant in the 2015 Great British Bake Off.  Tables were turned, with Sandy judging Haworth residents’ baking.  Residents were charged with the task of baking using Fair Trade ingredients and there were many very successful bakes.

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Keeping refugee families together

The campaign keeping Refugee #FamiliesTogether, which is part of ‘Stand As One’ led by Oxfam and Amnesty International, has secured a victory.  On March 16th MPs voted to support a Bill that, if successful, will help keep families together, by proposing important changes to the rules that allow refugee families to reunite in the UK.

The ‘Stand As One’ campaign at York’s Fishergate Fair

This is a huge step forward for refugees in the UK who are desperate to be reunited with their families.

Restrictive government rules are leaving refugees isolated, traumatised and alone in the UK, knowing that the people they love still face untold dangers in other countries.

Thanks to pressure from campaigners and concerned members of the public, 129 MPs have shown true leadership. We’re one step closer to the introduction of new rules, which would mean fewer children have to grow up alone, fewer young women are left stranded in war zones and fewer elderly parents are forced to fend for themselves.

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