Skipton Girls Celebrate

During the middle of February, after a year and a half of hard work, Skipton Girls’ High School achieved Fairtrade School Status. The first school in Skipton to be awarded this! Mrs Brailsford and the Fairtrade Friends team have been working together since September 2011, promoting Fairtrade within the school and local community. The students have worked brilliantly together, sacrificing free periods and lunchtimes to have meetings and run events.

A stunning Fairtrade fruit bowl

A stunning Fairtrade fruit bowl

Now the school has Fairtrade Status, the group has to continue and build on previous activities, as well as aim to introduce it in new subject areas. Since September 2012, the Fairtrade Friends have organised the very successful Fairtrade Fashion Show, baked and sold Fairtrade goodies, and ran a Fairtrade Stall at the Christmas Concert.

During this year’s Fairtrade Fortnight, the Friends worked with Greatwood Primary School. At first, they were quite nervous about running activities with the young students. However, once in the classroom, their confidence and enthusiasm shone through, and they received praise from the teachers they worked alongside.

The Friends split into two teams. The first team worked with Year 2, and spent one session introducing Fairtrade and producing Fairtrade fruit bowls, and the second session designing new Fairtrade chocolate bars with the students. The second team worked with Year 5, and spent their first session producing Fairtrade footprints and flags of Fairtrade producing countries, and the second session running the Fairtrade cocoa bean game. The artwork produced by the primary school students were put on display at their Fairtrade coffee morning for their parents and the local community to see.

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