Like Moths to a Flame

The Moths to a Flame project for COP26 in Skipton and Embsay

Moths to Flame in the making

The Fairtrade town and village groups worked together in the Great Big Green Week and encouraged others to join them making moths out of the middle of plastic milk containers. The moths made in Skipton and Embsay became part of an installation comprising 20,000 others in Glasgow’s Botanic Gardens for COP26, where they provided an oasis of calm and contemplation. If you’re asking why moths it’s because the moth is a metaphor for our relationship with energy.

Skipton and Embsay moths

The Moths to a Flame project was the brainchild of the Plymouth Energy Community and aimed to help people make creative connections with action on climate change. We certainly enjoyed the experience and were delighted when the moth installation won the Sustainability People’s Choice Art prize 2021. This short video on You Tube v=wyJnvUy75yM  will give you a tour of the exciting installation and the photos show some of the moths we made and some in the making.

Moths to Flame art installation at Glasgow Botanic Gardens

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