IF campaigners speak to MP’s

The Fairtrade Foundation is part of the nationwide Enough Food For Everyone – IF campaign

This food justice campaign seeks to make the changes necessary so that no one need suffer from hunger.

In the past month, thousands of IF campaigners across the country have been visiting their MP’s to lobby for food justice.

Majimcha and Jenny with Julian Sturdy MP

Majimcha and Jenny with Julian Sturdy MP

Food campaigners Majimcha and Jenny visited their MP, Julian Sturdy, who represents York Outer.  They called at his surgery at Monks Cross on the edge of York.

IF campaigners were pleased to see the Government stand by its international commitment on international development aid levels.  This is vital if we are to eradicate hunger, but of course, there are many countries that need to be persuaded to honour their commitment as the UK has done.

Majimcha and Jenny spoke to Julian about transparency regarding tax arrangements for multi national companies.  The world’s poorest countries lose out on tax revenue due to sophisticated avoidance schemes employed by many wealthy corporations.

The UK is hosting the G8 summit in June this year, so our government has a real opportunity to change international policies to benefit the poor and hungry, including changes to the international tax system.



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