Film Competition Winner

Go Baaaarmy - Fairtrade Yorkshire film competitionMany congratulations to Ireland Wood Primary School in Leeds who are the worthy winners of the Fairtrade Yorkshire Film competition of 2013.

See below for the videos from all the finalists including champions Ireland Wood.

The first video is from King Ecgberts School in Sheffield, and shows the embarrassment that can be caused when bringing non-Fairtrade products to dinner parties:

Next up is this from Miriam Lord Primary School in Bradford, by a group of Year 3 children who made the puppets, props and backgrounds, wrote the script and filmed the video themselves:

Ireland Wood Primary put together this triumphant celebration of Yorkshire’s new Fairtrade Region status:

This video from Lothersdale CE Primary School shows how the choice made in a shop in the UK to buy Fairtrade affects cotton farmers in African countries:

and Withinfields School in Halifax made this animation showing how you can make something useful out of Fairtrade packaging:


21 Responses to “Film Competition Winner”

  1. Rebecca Gardner says on :


    I’d like to vote for the Ireland Wood video please. Looks great!

    Becky Gardner

  2. Rita says on :

    Excellent films
    I particularly like the one from Miriam Lord Primary school as there is so much work gone into it.

  3. Karen Palframan says on :

    My vote goes to Ireland Wood Primary as I think their film best matched the competition criteria. The film tells us about Fairtrade and celebrated Yorkshire becoming the UK’s 1st Fairtrade Region.

  4. T Colwood says on :

    Vote for Ireland Wood Primary please. A very clever video.

  5. Tom Connelly says on :

    I’d like to vote for Ireland Wood please.

  6. Rebekah says on :

    I would like to vote for Miriam Lord Primary School in Bradford

  7. Melanie says on :

    I think that Miriam Lord should have a commendation for their work but my vote goes to Ireland Wood

  8. Mr Rushfirth says on :

    Vote for Ireland Wood. The felt models looked great.

  9. Kauser Jan says on :

    Hi Everyone, what great videos! it’s really hard to choose but because I have to choose one I would like to say I really enjoyed Miriam Lord Primary School from Bradford had used great skills in making their sock puppets to deliver a message – however also want to say the rest were all great – well done to all…fingers crossed that your school wins!

  10. Valerie says on :

    I vote for Fabulous Fairtrade Yorkshire

  11. Barbara George says on :

    Really enjoyed Ireland Wood video. It ought to win.

  12. Amanda Snowdon says on :

    My vote is for Ireland Wood! Well done!

  13. Rachel sowerby says on :

    I really like the Ireland Wood film! Well done!

  14. Andy Sowerby says on :

    Ireland Wood for me! Excellent film

  15. Jamie Wilkinson says on :

    My vote goes to Ireland Wood. So much enthusiasm from all involved. Well done!

  16. Jen says on :

    I really enjoyed the Ireland Wood entry and their tribute to Yorkshire. I’d like to vote for the.

  17. Clare Bromley says on :

    Hi, I’d like to vote for Ireland Wood!!! It looks brilliant!!! Well done kids!!!

  18. Kirsty Johnson says on :

    I’m voting for Fairtrade Fabulous by Ireland Wood Primary School. Great video – clear and concise and sends a positive message, celebrating the work of Fairtrade in Yorkshire so far. I’m sure this video will inspire others to think about the use of Fairtrade products in their stores.

  19. Nicky b says on :

    Definately Ireland woods video. Very well produced and informative about the fair trade message

  20. Sunny says on :

    Ireland woods video is the best by far. It demonstrates the value of fair trade products and schemes and promotes Yorkshire as a dynamic and trend leading county that are passionate about a better quality of life for all.

  21. John R Harper says on :

    Irelandwood gets my vote.