Fairtrade Yorkshire expands south of the river

Tom (left) and Aimeth (third from right) with staff and students at Oasis Academy.

Tom (left) and Aimeth (third from right) with staff and students at Oasis Academy.

Fairtrade Yorkshire covers the Yorkshire and Humber Region and hence we support, not only Yorkshire folk in the promotion of the Fair Trade cause, but also the good people of northern Lincolnshire who live on the south bank of the Humber.  Fairtrade hotspot in this area is the town of Immingham which has an active campaign to gain Fairtrade status.  During Fairtrade Fortnight, Columbian banana farmer, Aimeth Angulo visited the town to support the campaign.

Tom Horton of Fairtrade Immingham spoke of Aimeth’s visit to the town’s Oasis Academy:

“Our students and staff thoroughly enjoyed meeting Aimeth – everyone noted her warmth and kindness. We managed to visit a number of classes who had prepared questions in advance for Aimeth, she delivered her presentation to a group of Year 8 students, toured the academy and had refreshments with those who she had been unable to meet. I have no doubt that the experience of meeting a Fairtrade producer will support our work throughout the town’s campaign and I’m quietly confident that sales of Fairtrade bananas will have gone through the roof!!! “

You can find out more about the Immingham campaign by checking out Facebook and the You Tube video below:

Facebook: Immingham Fairtrade Initiative

You Tube video

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