Chocolate Has A Name

Africaniwa, based in Halifax, have launched a fundraiser to provide chocolate making equipment for the next generation in Ghana.

Africaniwa are working with partners on the ground in Ghana – Cocoa360, the Tarkwa Breman girls school and Dekocraft, a chocolate maker in Accra, to deliver a syllabus that incorporates training in chocolate making to teachers and pupils. The children will learn the history of cocoa growing in Ghana, the nutritional properties, and how the pods they see growing all around them are transformed into a delicious treat sold the world over. This will be a history lesson, a geography lesson, a home economics lesson and a business studies lesson. They will connect with cocoa and chocolate, make their own delicious treat and learn how to add value to the farming life that is their legacy.

If you would like to contribute to the crowdfunder click here:

Africaniwa crowdfunder

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