Banana farmer comes to Yorkshire

Adam Gardner, of the Fairtrade Foundation and Karen Palframan of Fairtrade Yorkshire - promoting the fair banana.

Adam Gardner, of the Fairtrade Foundation, and Karen Palframan, of Fairtrade Yorkshire, promoting the fair banana.

During Fairtrade Fortnight (24th February to 9th March) a banana farmer from Colombia will be touring Yorkshire to promote the Fairtrade Foundation’s Stick With Foncho campaign, to make bananas fair.

Aimeth Alicia Fernandez Angulo is from the cooperative ASOBANARCOOP.  She is a manager of the cooperative as well as being a smallholder farmer herself.  She will be crossing the region to tell Yorkshire folk about life for banana farmers and how Fairtrade can make a difference.  She will be encouraging us to act to make all bananas fair.

Aimeth will be kept busy during the tour visiting the following locations:

Bradford, Cherry Burton, Harrogate, Hebden Bridge, Holmfirth, Hull, Immingham, Keighley, Leeds, Malton, Sheffield, Skipton, Thornton and York.

She will be attending a wide range of events including: school, university, church and community activities, and public meetings and city centre stalls, where you will get a chance to meet her.


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