Baildon Backs Fairtrade Communities Scheme

Baildon Fairtrade group has been showcased in a national resource promoting a new initiative launched by the Fairtrade Foundation to attract and support local campaigners across the region and the UK.

The group features in a set of eight case studies that highlight the inspiring, creative and committed work carried out by a number of Fairtrade Communities nationwide.

Published on the Fairtrade Foundation website, the resource describes the difference that Baildon Fairtrade has made through its campaigning and awareness-raising activities in the region.  This includes rewarding local businesses with a Fairtrade Supporter Certificate.

The case study is part of the launch of a new-look Fairtrade Communities scheme run by the Fairtrade Foundation to mobilise and resource grassroots campaigners across the UK to stand up for trade justice.

Communities have emerged nationwide. These include Fairtrade Towns, Cities, Islands, Villages, Boroughs and Counties, all committed to campaigning for fairer earnings, access to rights and better working conditions for farmers and workers in low-income countries who grow products such as coffee, cocoa, tea and bananas.

Speaking on behalf of the group Mike de Villiers said: “Our local florist Emma is passionate about all things environmental. So we approached her to discuss Fairtrade, and she is now a firm supporter. We’ve awarded her one of our certificates to show that and she has been proud to share that with the local community. It is a real bonus and honour that our Baildon community is featured among national Fairtrade resources.”

As part of the launch of the new-look Fairtrade Communities, the Fairtrade Foundation has published a Campaigns Action Guide created to inspire and resource new and existing campaigners interested in joining the movement for trade justice. The guide explores the concept of trade justice, how Fairtrade works, how to become a Fairtrade campaigner, and ideas for campaigning across the different action areas.

As well as Fairtrade Communities, the Fairtrade Foundation also oversees awards for Fairtrade Schools, Fairtrade Universities and Colleges, and Places of Worship groups.

For more information, visit the Fairtrade Foundation campaign website


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