Fairtrade Places in Yorkshire

Fairtrade is strongly supported throughout Yorkshire and the Humber.

We have many Fairtrade villages, towns and cities across the region. On the map below the red balloons mark places with Fairtrade status, along with a website link (if known) and the date they received Fairtrade status. The blue balloons mark places currently working toward Fairtrade status; and the green balloons mark Fairtrade Universities.

View Fairtrade Yorkshire in a larger map

If you’re not included on the map, and think you should be, email us.

For two years (2006-2008) the region benefited from ‘FairtradeYorkshire‘, a project funded by Yorkshire and the Humber Centre of Excellence creating a partnership between 22 local authorities. The project helped local authorities by:

* Co-ordinating and analysing data relating to local authority performance
* Providing support to local authority led projects designed to achieve efficiencies
* Developing opportunities for shared working across local authorities and the wider public sector
* Co-ordinating support for local authorities to ensure that the efforts of a number of organisations meet the needs of the region.