The Fair Trade Way

Karen Palframan of Bradford Fairtrade District will don her hiking boots to take a step along the Fair Trade Way.

Karen, pictured here with the founding father of Fairtrade towns & cities, Bruce Crowther, plans to help activists throughout the county extend the Fair Trade Way across Yorkshire.


The Way will start at the Fair Trade visitor centre in the world’s first Fairtrade town of Garstang.  Centuries of enmity between ourselves and the aud enemy have been brought to an end as the hiking route will link the Lancashire town with a network of paths across Yorkshire.  Thus enabling those unfortunate enough to live on the wrong side of the Pennines to witness the paradise that is the Yorkshire countryside.

LATEST NEWS – The first part of the Yorkshire Fair Trade Way has been established linking all the Fairtrade towns in the Bradford Metropolitan District.  Click here for details on this scenic circular walking route.

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