Holme School is a Fair Achiever

One of the first Fairtrade schools in Kirklees: Holme Junior and Infant School are putting together their application for Fairtrade Status renewal, and launched their campaign with a Fairtrade Coffee Afternoon for the parents and the community at the start of the new school term.

The children at Holme School know a lot about Fairtrade and were involved in every stage of the event; Reception children designed and decorated Fairtrade themed bunting, Key Stage 2 children designed brilliant posters to promote the event around the community. Working with the school cook, Class One made the cakes and biscuits for the event and proudly described the Fairtrade ingredients to visiting parents.Holme School

Throughout the afternoon parents were welcomed into busy Fairtrade focussed classrooms and invited to create the Fairtrade logo for themselves using recycled materials, or take part in a Geography activity to map Fairtrade or even use the school iPads for market research into the major supermarkets commitment to Fairtrade.

Alongside the Fairtrade refreshments the students and teachers were joined by fairandfunky with a pop-up shop to launch their rice challenge. Year 6 children helped on the fairandfunky pop-up shop, selling Fairtrade gifts to fellow students and parents using impressive mental maths as their customers all clamoured for attention at the same time!Holme School 2

Fairtrade is embedded into life at the school from the cups of tea in the staff room, ingredients in the school kitchen, to the footballs used by the children at playtime. Fairtrade rice and chocolate packaging is used to teach art, and Fairtrade chocolate becomes a focus for cross curricular learning with Class 2. “We’re a small school making a big difference,” says head teacher Mrs Anne Swain, “our strong links with local and global communities really enrich children’s experiences. We’re very excited to have Fairtrade at the heart of our learning in this way.”

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