Fair and Funky Rice Challenge

In September fairandfunky launched the 90kg rice challenge from Just Trading Scotland, aiming to sell 90kg of rice three times over!  Why 90kg? Because when a farmer sells 90kg of rice he raises enough money to send his child to school for a year. In Malawi, secondary school isn’t free so many children don’t get the opportunity to attend. In fact, only one in three Malawian children attend high school so through this challenge we can send children to school and end poverty through education. We can change the world for farmers and their families.rice challenge

Over the last month, fairandfunky have led assemblies in schools, facilitated ‘Rice Challenge’ workshops, attended Food Festivals across Yorkshire and had support from Churches and Fairtrade Support Groups. 5 weeks on and fairandfunky have sold 141 bags of rice and are halfway through the challenge to sell 270 bags!  To find out how you can get involved with the fairandfunky rice challenge please visit http://www.fairandfunky.com/fair-and-funky-events/ .


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