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Fairtrade banana peloton back in action as part of Cathedral Cycle Rally

Thursday 3 June was World Bicycle Day and the Fairtrade Yorkshire banana peloton – famous from this video from the Tour de France’s visit to Yorkshire in 2014  was back in action as part of a 20 strong cycle relay on the leg between Bradford Cathedral and Wakefield Cathedral. The journey is part of the Cathedrals Cycle Route which takes in over 2,000 miles and visits all 42 of England’s Anglican cathedrals. The circular route starts and ends at Newcastle Cathedral with Truro as the furthest point to the South. Yorkshire is well represented with Ripon, York, Bradford, Wakefield and Sheffield Cathedrals all featuring.

The photo above was taken at Wakefield Cathedral and shows the Dean of Wakefield Cathedral greeting the Fairtrade banana (our friend Mike de Villiers of Baildon Fairtrade). The ride was part of a relay of cyclists aiming to visit all 42 cathedrals in 42 days. The baton passed from Bradford to Wakefield and on to Sheffield and beyond.

For more information about the route see the Cycling UK website.

And if this story has inspired to join in with others on long distance routes you can join the Young Christian Climate Network on their walk from the G7 in Cornwall to COP26 in Glasgow.

The route takes in walking routes between Sheffield, Marsden, Huddersfield, Leeds Tadcaster, York and Ripon in September.

Click here to seethe route and join them if you can.


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Joanna’s interview for the Fair World Project podcast – about the Nestle campaign

Last month Joanna was interviewed by the Fair World Project in the US for their podcast series. Her episode – number 5 in the series – is out now.

She talks us through the 2020 campaign to Keep KitKat Fairtrade and the links between the Nestle factory in York, its Quaker roots and  challenges in the cocoa industry right now.

And in the first few minutes you can hear her explaining all about Fairtrade Yorkshire to her interviewer Anna Canning who was calling from Portland, Oregon.

Listen to the whole podcast here

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Fairtrade Yorkshire Regional Meeting


Fairtrade Fortnight may be over but the campaign for climate action in support of Fairtrade farmers and workers continues.

Come along to our Fairtrade Yorkshire regional meeting 6 – 7.30pm on Monday 17 May when we’ll be joined by a member of the Fairtrade Foundation’s campaigns team.

We’ll hear more about the latest campaigns around climate justice and the G7 and COP26 summits happening in the UK later this year.

We’ll also have an opportunity to look back on Fairtrade Fortnight 2021 and forward to the future.

Email Joanna for the Zoom link or look out for our newsletter in your inboxes.

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Fairtrade chocolate truffles recipe and information

Our workshop on Wednesday 3 March with chocolatier David Greenwood Haigh was really popular.

You can download and print out the truffles recipe and all the information you need.

FT chocolate Truffle Making at Home

You can view this workshop via YouTube:

Watch again


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Sandy Docherty’s Fair Trade Meatballs in Spicy Tomato Sauce recipe

Fair Trade Meat Balls in Tomato Sauce

On Monday 1 March we’re delighted that former Bake Off contestant Sandy Docherty will be helping us make her recipe in a cook along.

Book your free tickets via eventbrite

You can download your own copy of the recipe here: Fair Trade Meat Balls in Tomato sauce

Sandy’s recipe with links to buy some of the ingredients:

These meat balls are so very easy to make and every time I serve them, they have that wow factor, served steaming hot with a little sprinkling of parsley over top.

The secret to these meatballs is not to roll them to tight, just about the size of a golf ball and just squeezed enough to hold the shape.

Now the Sauce is a dream, this sauce can be used for so many dishes, eg, as a pizza sauce, over chicken fillets, over sausages, meat or veggie. The only thing is its not so good for is in a dessert!!

I always advocate that any recipe should not sit still, please use each recipe as a base and then swap and change it to fit your mood, what you have in and what is accessible to you. The recipe then becomes ‘Yours’ “I love meatballs, but I love mine more”.

NOTE: Some Fairtrade and fair trade ingredients are easier to get than others – If they aren’t available in your supermarket, try your local fair trade shop, whole food shop, Traidcraft or Ethical Superstore. And if you still can’t find them, why not request that they get some in?


500g minced beef

500g sausages (vary the taste by using sausages of your choice, e.g., pork and leek, chorizo style sausage)

1 large onion

3 cloves of garlic

250g chopped Fairtrade tomatoes

(or 1 tin chopped tomatoes)

1 jar of MERU HERBS Tomato sauce or small carton of passata

½ tube tomato puree

1tsp Cape Garden Herbs from Ukuva (via your local fair trade shop)

1tsp of chopped chili (optional)

1 bottle of Fairtrade red wine (one class for the sauce and the rest for the chef, ALWAYS cook with wine you are prepared to drink, there’s no such thing as cooking wine!)

3tbsp Fairtrade olive oil

Salt and pepper PLEASE USE UKUVA I AFRICA seasonings (fabulous range and choice of flavours)



Split the sausage and put the filling in a bowl, add the mince and mix both together well.

Roll into as many balls as you can. Don’t make the balls too small as they can become tough and hard. About the size of a golf ball is the best.

Add the oil to the frying pan and heat, add the meatballs and cook until brown. They don’t have to be cooked all the way through as they will continue to cook in the sauce. If you don’t like to fry then put the oil in the bottom of a roasting tin and bake in a hot over 160c Gas 6 giving the pan a shake from time to time.

For the Sauce

Chop the onion and the garlic, put 1tbs oil in a pan and fry the onion

Add the chopped tomato, passata and the puree along with the chili (if using) and the wine.

Add the mixed herbs and season with salt and pepper allow simmer and thicken.

When the sauce is ready put in the browned meat balls, bake in the oven for about 30 minutes to allow the meatballs to cook and heat through.

Vegetarian & vegan alternatives to meat balls that you can use with this sauce

Roasted Mediterranean vegetables (peppers, aubergines, courgettes, red onion etc)

Roasted root vegetables (red onion, carrots, parsnips, butternut squash etc)

For the above, Cut into bite size chunks, season well with FAIR TRADE HERBS OR UKUVA I AFRICA SEASSONING and 3 tablespoons of FAIR TRADE OLIVE OIL.  There needs to be about ½ kg of vegetables in total but this depends on how you like the ratio of sauce to content. Combine all of the above and spread evenly on an oven tray, keeping one layer so the vegetables roast not steam, bake in a hot oven 180c gas 6/7 until slightly charged. Replace the meatballs with this medley of vegetables.

Or you could try using 500g of Chestnut Mushrooms:

Leaving the mushrooms whole, wipe with paper towel (never wash mushrooms) drizzle over Fairtrade Olive Oil. Season well with one of UKUVA I AFRICA range of salt and pepper. Sauté the mushroom in a frying pan on the stove or if you’re not keen on frying, place the mushroom on an oven tray and roast in the over 180c gas 6/7 for about 15 minutes. Watch them carefully as you want the mushrooms to remain succulent and not dry (oven baked mushrooms can dry out quickly) Use these Mushrooms in place of the meatballs, they have a lovely texture and in keeping them whole they have an attractive appearance in the finished dish,

To serve

Fair trade spaghetti or other pasta shapes – these may be available from your local fair trade shop or whole food shop, or try buying online from Ethical Superstore or Traidcraft. Fun fact: fair trade pasta is made from quinoa meaning it’s naturally gluten free.

Fair trade rice – try the fantastic Kilombero rice from JTS. If you use this rice, you may be able to take part in the 90kg rice challenge and play your part in sending a Malawian child to school.

Crusty French bread and beautiful butter (this never fails to please)






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Fairtrade Yorkshire Virtual Conference 2020

Update: 20 October 2020

If you weren’t able to come along to the conference, missed some of it or want to relive its glory once again, click the link below:

Watch the Fairtrade Yorkshire virtual conference 2020 



Further reading

Hopefully the conference has inspired you to take your campaigning further and really become part of our fair trade future.

Our panellists suggested the following links for further information and ideas:

WFTO – Join the business revolution

WFTO & Traidcraft Exchange – Business Models Report

Traidcraft Exchange Building Back Better Report

Labour Behind the Label – FAQ about the garment industry

THIRST Knowledge Hub – Information about human rights in the tea sector

Ethical Trade blog – how can tea buyers support workers

Traidcraft Exchange report – Our Land, Our Rights

Like so many events in this most unprecedented of years, the Fairtrade Yorkshire 2020 Conference has gone online.

The Conference will be held via Zoom on Monday 19 October from 7pm.

While we’ll be very sad not to be able to see one another face to face and network in person, it gives us an opportunity to hear from some people who might otherwise not be able to make it to Yorkshire in person.

So we’re delighted that Erinch Sahan, CEO of the World Fair Trade Organisation has agreed to give our keynote speech at the 2020 Conference. He will be joined afterwards by a group of experts in various aspects of fair and sustainable trade for a panel discussion on the theme “Building A Fair Trade Future”.

Erinch Sahan is Chief Executive of the World Fair Trade Organisation. Founded in 1989, WFTo is the global community and verifier of 400 social enterprises that fully practice Fair Trade. Previously he spent seven years at Oxfam, where he founded its Future of Business Initiative and led campaigning teams. Prior to joining Oxfam, Erinch worked in business, including at Procter & Gamble, and later in government as a development adviser to Australian trade negotiators. he holds both law and business degrees and an honorary Doctorate. Erinch lectures on sustainable business at various universities across the UK.

From 7.30 – 8.15pm Erinch will be joined by a panel of experts with different specialisms for a discussion on the topic “Building A Fair Trade Future”.

Tom Wills is Senior Policy Adviser at Traidcraft Exchange, an international development NGO with a focus on trade and business practices. Tom produced their recent paper on Building Business Back Better. Traidcraft Exchange runs programmes with farmers, artisans and small business owners in India, Bangladesh and East Africa, as well as campaigning for fairer forms of trade in the UK.

Sabita Banerji is the CEO of THIRST The International Roundtable on Sustainable Tea  She has two decades’ experience in international development and in ethical trade, including two terms as Chair of the Oxford Fair Trade Coalition.  As Senior Knowledge and Learning Advisor at the Ethical Trade Initiative she provided companies with support and advice on using the ETI Base Code to protect human rights in their supply chains, with a particular focus on living wages, working hours and gender. She led on a number of studies including a global supplier survey that provided the basis for the ETIs’ Guide to Responsible Buying.  At Oxfam she was technical lead on the Behind the Barcodes supermarket Scorecard, co-authored a report on Addressing the human cost of Assam tea. Sabita is also an associate consultant to Oxfam, and a guest lecturer on fair and ethical trade issues at Oxford Brookes University’s Business School.


Marike Runneboom de Peña is a Sociologist in Agricultural Development from the Landbouw Wageningen University in the Netherlands and has devoted most of her life to bring change in favour of producers and Fairtrade. Since 1986 she has been based in the Dominican Republic, where she worked at the Dominican Land Reform Institute (IAD) training government staff on issues related to agriculture, as well as coordinating projects on organizational strengthening of small farmers. Since 2000 she has been the Managing Director of Banelino Cooperative, a successful Fair Trade banana cooperative from the Dominican Republic. Furthermore, Marike has been an active member of the Latin American and Caribbean Network of Fair Trade Small Producers and Workers (CLAC) for over 12 years, with an outstanding work around the region. Marike has played a key role in the governance of both CLAC and the Fairtrade System, as vice-president and president of their boards in the last decade. Marike is also a Board member at the Fairtrade Foundation

Dominique Muller is Policy Director at Labour Behind the Label – a small but mighty organisation based in the UK which campaigns for workers rights in the garment industry. LBL workers with grassroots partners all around the world, acting in solidarity with garment workers and targeting the actions of UK brands. Dominique previously worked at the Clean Clothes Campaign network as an international coordinator focusing on issues such as migrants, health and safety at work, network building, supply chains and corporate social responsibility. Before that Dominique was based in Hong Kong where she was, among other things, the Executive Director of the International trade Union Confederation (ITUC) Hong Kong Office and a researcher for Amnesty International. Dominique speaks Chinese and French and is currently based in York helping to coordinate the #PayUp campaign.

Join us from 7pm on Monday 19 October 

Book your free tickets on Eventbrite

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Yorkshire branded Fairtrade logos

You may have noticed that the Fairtrade Yorkshire logo looks slightly different from other Fairtrade places logos. We have added a white Yorkshire rose to the image.

We have produced a range of Fairtrade places logos for the 38 Fairtrade places in Yorkshire to use if they wish to which also incorporate the white rose.

Click on an image below then save to download it or email if you would like me to send it to you by email.

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Let’s promote Fairtrade on Yorkshire Day

Yorkshire Day falls on Thursday 1 August 2019 and we’re planning on making a splash about Fairtrade Yorkshire on this special day.

Here’s how you can help promote Fairtrade Yorkshire on social media:

  1. First get your Fairtrade Yorkshire logo –  Either print the A4 version (available by clicking here) or email to order some of our specially printed cards.
  2. When you visit one of Yorkshire’s tourist attractions, iconic buildings, parks, artworks or bridges for example, simply get out your logo and take a photo.
  3. If you wish you can email your photo to for inclusion on our Wall of Yorkshire Fairtrade for Yorkshire Day.
  4. On 1 August post your photo on social media, tagging Fairtrade Yorkshire and including the hashtags #FairtradeYorkshire and #YorkshireDay – any photos emailed will be posted on your behalf.

Wall of Yorkshire Fairtrade

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Schools Celebrate Yorkshire’s Fair Success

Lord Mayor of Leeds Cllr Ann Castle and children from local schools showing their support for Fairtrade Yorkshire

Children from 14 schools across Leeds gathered together at the Civic Hall to celebrate their fair trade work and pledge their support for Fairtrade Yorkshire. The Fair trade School Celebration was opened by the Lord Mayor Cllr Ann Castle and attended by visiting teachers from Germany, Austria and Leeds’ partner city Brno in the Czech Republic.

Hannah Dalrymple, organiser of the event and Chair of Fairtrade Yorkshire said “Yorkshire is well on its way to becoming the first region in the UK to attain Fairtrade status. It’s really exciting to see so much excellent and creative work going on in Leeds schools to raise awareness about fair trade issues, and so inspiring to hear from teachers across Europe who are pioneering similar work in their own countries.”

The event was organised to help schools share good ideas about teaching and learning about fair trade issues and celebrate their achievements. Activities included presentations from schools, animation workshops and Fairtrade Yorkshire rosette making.

Schools that attended were Adel Primary, Ireland Wood, Otley All Saints, Bankside Primary, St Marys Menston, Wykebeck Primary School, Southroyd Primary, St. Chad’s Primary School, Prince Henry’s Grammar School, Allerton C of E Primary, NWSILC, Harehills Primary.

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Mo Zafir of Fairtrade wholesalers, Premcrest, who are pleased to give their backing to the campaign for Yorkshire to be the UK’s first Fairtrade region.  Premcrest supply across the UK from their base in Bradford.

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